Pasture-raised, Non-GMO Chicken

We produce delicious pasture-raised chickens and nutrient-rich eggs from laying hens on pasture. Our meat chickens are raised on pasture, in moveable houses, free to come in and out as they please. These houses are moved daily giving our chickens fresh forage, a natural stress-free life, and ensuring that the meat has the best nutrition possible. Because our chickens get a significant part of their diet from pasture, the meat is high in Omega-3s and CLAs, and low in saturated fat. Their diet is balanced with a custom formulated blend of healthy non-GMO grains and trace minerals. We grow broiler chickens only during the grazing season and they are available frozen, while supplies last. Our chickens never receive antibiotics, artificial hormones and all of our pastures are pesticide and chemical-free. Whole chickens (average size 3.5-5 lbs.) $5.50/lb. Boneless skin-on breasts $12.00/lb. Legs – includes thigh $8.00/lb. Wings $6.00/lb. Carcass $2.75/lb. Livers $12.50/lb. Hearts $6.75/lb. Feet $6.00/package of 6 feet Please see our Shipping, Pickup, & Delivery Options

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Whole Chicken, Boneless skin-on breasts, Legs, Wings, Carcass, Livers, Hearts, Feet