Simple. Real. Organic

Things you can only get from a real farm. Hands on, boots in the mud. No cages or stanchions here. All of our animals are humanely and lovingly raised on pasture.

Knowing where and how your food is raised is extremely important to us.

  • Pork from pigs that played in the mud
  • Milk from cows living a stress-free life, eating green grass under blue skies, free to choose to sleep under the stars or inside the barn
  • Eggs from chickens that forage on pasture
  • Meat chickens foraging on fresh pasture daily

Everything we grow and sell is fresh and organic. Our family consumes the same food we are selling to you, so it has to be good, period.

Simple. Real. Organic. It takes a lot of hard work and is never easy, but the difference is so worth it.

Our Farm

Twin Arch Farm is family-owned and operated and started because we have a passion for knowing how our food is raised and fed.

Our farm has 250 ft. long historic barn, which was part of the original Harriman estate in Goshen, NY. It is situated on 34 rolling acres located in a small farming community in the beautiful, soil-rich, Hudson Valley of New York. Our farm is located approximately 50 miles north of New York City.

Our entire family helps out on the farm. Our 11-year-old loves and cares for our 50 laying hens and ducks. Our older children share the responsibility of rotating and feeding our milk cows, beef cattle, pigs, and chickens between pastures daily. Our 2- and 4-year-olds tag along and help mom and dad.